The L.A. Musical History Tour

Barney's Beanery

8447 Santa Monica, West Hollywood

Did Janis Joplin really hit Jim Morrison with a Southern Comfort bottle here? It's easy to imagine, since they both hung out at Barney's in the late 1960s (she partied here and at the Troubadour the night she died).

Barney's has long been home to rockers, actors, and bikers on all rungs of the social ladder. Its three rooms house pool tables, booths, and a bar in a smoky truck stop-like atmosphere that is earthy and real, an oddity in Hollywood. (But it's more genteel than in the past: fairly recently they removed their "No Fagots Allowed" sign from the bar.) Barney's offers forty chili dishes, 140 hamburger arrangements, and claims to carry 293 kinds of beer.

It ain't your California haute cuisine.