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Art Fein Presents

23rd Annual Elvis Birthday Bash in L.A. - Thursday January 8th, 2009

Venue change: the Avalon, 1735 VineÊin Hollywood, just north of Hollywood Blvd across from the Capitol Records Tower.

SHOW STARTS EARLY THIS YEAR, 5:30 through 10:30 p.m.

$25 admission

Benefit: proceeds go to L.A. Fallen Firemen's Memorial
Benefactor: L.A. City Councilman Tom Labonge

Acts so far:

Jimmy Angel, Ray Campi, Danny Dean, Lisa Finnie, Blasters, Manny Gonzales, I See Hawks In L.A., Groovy Rednecks, Keith Allison, Carlos Guitarlos, Michelle Shocked, Dusk Devils, Rip Masters, Lisa Haley, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Mojo Monkeys, Lightnin' WIllie, Karma, Ronee Blakley, Rod & The Tonemasters, Dave Serby & The Sidewinders, Charlotte Orlove, Clive Kennedy, Joey Buttler, Ridge Route Romeos, Glen Glenn (?), Justin Curtis, Mike Stinson, Harry Orlove, Barry Holdship, Simon Stokes, Lori Dewitt & Todd Eckhart,Êand from France Ervin Travis.

More women this year than ever before (Dusk Devils are gal-led, from Bakersfield).

**530 Charlotte Orlove - TRYIN’ TO GET TO YOU/ BRIDGE
**540 Harry Orlove - SAVED
**545 Clive Kennedy - IT’S NOW OR NEVER
550 Ridge Route Romeos - GUITAR MAN/BIG BOSS MAN
600 Dave Serby & Sidewinders
**610 Count Smokula - ELVIS IS THE KING
**620 Keith Allison - PROUD MARY/MY BABY LEFT ME
625 Mojo Monkeys
**630 Lori Dewitt & Todd Eckhart - YOURE THE BOSS
645 Blasters
** 700 Justin Curtis - I CAN HELP/BLUE MOON KY
**740 Rip Masters - STUCK ON YOU/READY TEDDY
800 Lightnin’ Willie - PARALYZED & more (8 PM)
**830 Carlos Guitarlos - PROMISED LAND/DON’T BE CRUEL
**850 Ronee Blakley - LOVE ME TENDER/
900 Barry Holdship
920 Rod & Tonemasters - DON’T BE CRUEL
930 Joey Buttler - JUST BECAUSE
935 Dusk Devils - PARTY/MY BABE

The Elvis Bash continues to be the nation's leading Elvis Birthday celebration drawing people from L.A. and all over the world. More guests are being added.

Contact: Art Fein, promoter. 323-851-5092 or email sofein@aol.com


1st Record/1st Concert
I have always been attracted to rock & roll. My mother says that whenever
a rock and roll song came on the radio I would grab the bars of the crib and shake.

The first Christmas gift I ever asked for was a pair of white bucks like Pat Boone. I really liked the bits Ricky Nelson did at the end of Ozzie and Harriet show. Rock and Roll seemed like total freedom and best of all ..Rebellion! I am from a small town in southern Indiana. The only music I got to hear was on my transistor radio, the teenagers down the street playing 45's on the porch or my dad's radio in the Ford. Guitar driven stuff was the best. "Walk Don't Run" was the theme of the State Police road show, which promoted safe driving and played rock and roll music! We always listened to it while traveling to my grandparents.

The first rock and roll show I ever saw was pretty lame, at broken-down Melody Skateland in Indianapolis.It had the odor of feet and weed. A really cute girl who was way out of my league asked me to go with her and another couple. The driver was a local drummer in my hometown. On the way to the show we smoked pot, my first time. Not realizing I was stoned I walked into the night and freaked out my friends who didn't know where I was. Eating a hot dog outside in the spring air was way better than being crammed into the old skating rink elbow to ellbow with a thousand other kids.

Edgar Winter was the featured act and his current hit "Frankenstein" dragged on for what seemed like an hour. All the performers that night had kind of a
cheap carney feel; they seemed to trying too hard. The best moment of the night was hearing “Sgt Pepper” on the PA while the cannibis rolled through my
blood stream.

The first LP I ever bought was the ‘Help’ soundtrack. I had just seen the movie at the local theater. Teenagers rounded the whole block on a cool fall Saturday. As soon as I got homeI asked my mom to buy me the record .The price was 3.99 retail! She said it was too much. After sleeping on her decision I stole 2.oo from her purse and another 1.00 from my brother’s stash. When she found out what I did it really shocked her. She threatened to make me take it back but she relented and I got to keep it. What a great record.I even liked the cheesy instro parts. George Harrison's "I Need You" is still one my favorite Beatle songs.

The best show I ever saw was Junior Walker and the All-Stars. Sax, guitar and drums.. that was it. He played at the Bluebird bar in Bloomington Indiana. He had just recorded the FM hit "Urgent" with the band Foreigner. He played the
song too. His version blew me away. He signed my ”Shotgun” LP after the show and he seemed so small and fragile with his bifocals. But up on the stage he was a giant of a man!

Dean James is still rockin’ in Washington, Indiana

Elvis Show News - sort of



For More Info:




Elvis Bday Bash, Jan 8, 2009 -$25, money goes to Firemen's Fund

So long baby, goodbye!

The End Of Art Fein’s Poker Party

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Another Fein Mess
AF Stone’s Monthly
December, 2008

Postcard From Crazytown

I live less than 4 blocks from the Hollywood-Highland tourist center, which houses the Kodak Theater, where the Academy Awards are handed out. Every person in my ‘hood has lost outdoor house pet to meandering coyotes which have set up homes in gullies and undeveloped lots. I have heard that a shortage of mountain lions (!!!) has allowed their packs to grow.

Poker Party Memories: Art Fein, Bull Moose Jackson, Paul Body /Jan 3, 1985

Dogs, Days, Afternoons

* Ever cut a rug? My living room rug was beshat (the cat) so two of us dragged it outside. Three weeks later I decided it was unsightly and went to drag it to a disposal area when I remembered, “Oh, the sprinklers.” The once 50-lb rug, thoroughly soaked, now weighed 100 lbs. I had two workmen drag it to the driveway where with crates and baseball bats and things I propped it up to let the sunlight (it was August) dry and lighten it. But after a week of what looked like a hobo encampent a friend suggested cutting it.

“Sure, I have rug-cutting scissors in the drawer” I said. Ignoring my wit the friend said “No, you slice the bottom using a box cutter. Just keep changing the blades. It just falls apart.” Indeed, the webbing DID hold the rug together, and slicing it into manageable squares was easier than cutting a pizza 1.

* The dog, sick, peed slightly on the car seat. What my cellphone was doing there I’ll never know, but it, very slightly dampened, stopped working. I got a new phone and despaired: it had a keyboard too small for a newborn and did not allow me to create my ring. (I’d had “ring ring goes the bell” from ‘School Day’ and “Helllllooo baby!” from ‘Chantilly Lace.’) How I missed the antique 2005 model. Then I thought maybe the battery was affected but not the phone, and sent away for a replacement. Voila, the old phone’s back.

* I’m not 26 - quite the opposite - so my eyes finally are going. I had to get glasses for distance. The useful news is that you can sidestep buying the $39, $59, $79, etc frames at Costco and use your own. Go to the Goodwill. There are thousands of old interesting well-built glasses which can be refilled with your lenses. Self-bring charge: $17.

1 I reiterate, pizza in Chicago came in squares. They were neat and easy to use; finger-friendly food. When I came across the triangular blanket style of cutting I wondered why. Still do.


We have a weatherman whose name is Mountain or Thunderstorm. He has wavy hair and drives a Corvette. He’s my reassurance I live in Southern California ... I taped a PBS show off tv in 1991. It's getting grainy. I hope my audiotapes are holding up better: those contain unique moments, like Jerry Lee live at the Palomino in 1976. In the 1980s Channel 11 had All Night Movies. What was wrong with having only 6 or 7 stations? I don't know, but I know what's wrong now. We didn't pay for reception because those movies had commercials. Now Channel 11 is carried by cable or another pay medium - and it runs blocks of infomercials in place of the movies. Now we pay for commercials! Let's march on cable headquarters and burn it down.

richard carpenter

Poker Party Memories: Rip Masters, Bob Merli, Art Fein, Richard Carpenter /June 10, 1985

Music Notes

The iPod has me listening to albums I’ve accumulated, like the half-dozen Dolly Partons handed me in the 70s. It’s a remarkable journey, which I’d been saving to do “someday.” which I took then to mean was when the end was in sight. It isn’t, izzit? ... The 1977 Johnny Cash album “The Rambler” is a remarkable thing , a fictional tale of Johnny picking up a hitchhiker and rambling through towns, interspersed with whole songs. The songs are fine, but the dialogue is stunning. It is a radio show with really good actors. (The other rambler is Jack Routh, then married to Cash stepdaughter Carlene Carter.) Cash in fact was in many movies and did well. I especially liked his. Columbo episode ...Whence came the notion of re-mix? Long ago I first heard that a Queen re-mix was coming and thought “What was wrong with the record I already have?” Subsequently I learned, or it developed, that people were adding zithers and calliopes (I think) to established records like Elvis’s “Rubbernecking” to make it more zingy ... This just in: Rockpile was the greatest rock & roll band of all time. Funny, their album wasn’t very good and of the three times I saw them only one was good, but when you look on youtube at the solo shots of Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, and Billy Bremner in that group - well, I can’t imagine anything better. ... Speaking of Queen, as so many people do, my daughter informs me that Mika is the artist I hear occasionally on her iPod who sings not accidentally but exactly like Freddy Mercury. His songs are similar too. Bring it on, I say ...I prayed that after a cable news Prom Queen tag-team clucking about Barry Manilow music called him “the man who writes the songs” SOMEONE would have come back later and said “Oops. ‘I Write The Songs’ was written by Bruce Johnston.” I bridled at their sneers: Manilow has millions of admirers, but the crits deride him so the coiffed dimwits 2 pass along the ‘attitude’ ...

2 Please note that my characterization of the 28-35 year-old beauties stems from my fury that their jobs are obviously based on looks. Men do not have to answer to such age and appearance discrimination. Many smart, clever, thoughtful women are left out because of this crass demand for photogenaiety.

Word Snob

* On page 3 of an article about Marlon Brando in the 10-27-08 New Yorker, Claudia Roth Pierpoint tells us he died in 2004. A few pages later she says he did an interview in 2002 “just two years before his death.” As always, what’s with ‘just?’ And does she think we can’t add? She also speaks of his presence in “the tabloids” in the 1950s. What is she talking about? The Chicago Sun-Times? Confidential and other scandal sheets were magazines. National Enquirer’s ubiquity is post-1950’s.You see ‘tabloid” used a lot by L.A. Times writers when positioning themselves above the gossipy crap they’re about to gleefully repeat.

* NY Times hed over book review 11-5-08, “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Work Out,” marks the one-millionth re-hash of the 1975 “Jaws” advertising slogan. Congratulations! Same day, same sheet, Kirk Johnson lectures that the outcry over a Colorado landowner’s killing of 32 bison was ironic (my word) “in a land where tens of thousands of cows meet ignoble ends every day on the killing floors of slaughterhouses, unremarked upon.” I may agree with Saint Kirk, but he should save his preaching for the pulpit.

* In the 12-4-08 L.A. Times, Bill Vlasic writes “Between them, General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler sell 112 different models...” Between which two? Is “General Motors, Ford Motors” already one company?

* Nitpicker “Todd” writes that using the word “spike” for cancellation, which mystified me in the November ish, was in fact a journalism term for putting the item back on the spike, the frightening upturned-nail device that sat on many desks back when “Todd” wrote on parchment with a quill.

Tempus Fugit

When I went to work at Variety (big 3-month run) in 1973 they hadn’t yet upgraded to electric typewriters. I used the glue-bottle I brought from J-school to insert paragraphs ... When I used to walk 2 hours a day I dreamed, craved, coveted a walk-phone. Now I have the phone, but don’t walk. And speaking of phones, the TELEPHONE COMPANY does not answer calls. They only put you through to machines ... In a Jack Cassidy episode of Columbo, a murder is solved because the deceased typed on an IBM Selectric with a carbon ribbon, not a cloth one. The ball struck the carbon ribbon three letters vertically (!), then down and up again ad infinitum, never overstriking. Columbo could resconstruct the document by reading the letters on the ribbon backwards. What do people watching this today make of it? It must be incomprensible.

nick lowe

Poker Party Memories: Nick Lowe, Todd Everett, Billy Bremner, Art Fein /Feb 23, 1987

Up In Your Face (book)

I swing both ways. I was quick to get a computer (Commodore, 1985) and a fax machine. But I was in no hurry to get to CDs or DVDs because they seemed (seem) iffy. I still use the VHS tapes I have and love their smoothe fast-forward action. (DVD’s jerk.)

So my friend Frank set me up on myspace a couple years ago. It’s like flypaper; people find it and want to be my friend! I don’t take that too personally, it’s more like a town meeting where people can congregate, virtually speaking. Yet my more web-savvy friends say “You have a myspace page, but you don’t DO anything with it.”

Well what am I supposed to do? People send comments and I respond, as I do to the friend requests. (Some mistakenly think I am into poker.) Am I expected to pontificate? I don’t see a space for it. A diary or blog? I have one already.

Now people say “Why aren’t you on Facebook?” and I say “Why are you?”

“Those Who Know Only Rolling Stone Know Nothing.”

A crossword puzzle clue was “One of two females named in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists.” Sister Rosetta Tharpe did not fit in the space. (It was Joan Jett! Also Bonnie Raitt.) WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS RUN THAT MAGAZINE? Sister Rosetta’s best stuff is with the Lucky Millinder Orchestra, 1940s, and subsequent solo gospel stuff also on the same label, Decca (Universal).

She is it. The living end. The greatest. Magnificent. Brilliant. Dazzling. (This is why I wouldn’t make it as a rock critic. I’m too positive.) 3

3 I feel OK bestowing kudos on Sister Rosetta because there is a chance readers of this narrowcast journal haven’t heard her. But what if wrote “Paul McCartney then sang ‘Yesterday,’ which I consider to be a very good song.” A little grand of me, eh? So I’m even loath to say good things. Only once in a while do I enjoy bashing and even that bashing is not ... bashing, such as “Citizen Kane is not such a great movie.” By that I mean an average moviegoer would not thrill to the unique camera angles and lighting and characterizations of that movie and period. People who like simply to be entertained would surely prefer “Back To The Future.” “Citizen Kane” is for eggheads and film students.

ruth brown

Poker Party Memories: Billy Vera, Todd Everett, Ruth Brown, Phast Phreddie /June 13, 1988

Annie Watch

First, an unsolicited letter

I know you're a big Ann Powers fan, so you must have read her piece last week about the new Guns 'n' Roses album, in which she managed to mention it in the same sentence as Citizen Kane and Brando in the Godfather -- there was also a comparison to Moby Dick.
That's right, Ann. When posterity looks back on the past century or so, humankind's greatest artistic achievements will surely include Kane, Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, Louis Armstrong's West End Blues, Picasso's Guernica, Joyce's Ulysses, Miles Davis' Kind of Blue... and Axl Rose's Chinese Democracy.

“Sam” of Silver Lake

Oh, Oh, Oh Miss Ann

Annie’s reflection on the stupid people who don’t live here or in NY.

November 2, 2008

"Brian Howes gets a little hot under the black-leather collar when asked who listens to his kind of rock music."

- I got hot under mine, too, at the snobby snearing question. Asking a songwriter who likes his songs bespeaks “none of us do.” His music is popular, therefore suspect.

"Since the days when former art-school kids the Rolling Stones declared themselves exiled on Main Street, populism has served as a normalizing counterpoint to rock's freaky bohemian tendencies."

- Non-coastal people. They’re so provincial. Not weird like me.

"Flyover rock also exists in an imaginary zone only tangentially connected to current political concerns, moral judgments or fashion trends."

- She thinks rock crits coined the snob term flyover. It's been around the movie and tv industry for decades. She derides these people for not being “trendy,” by definition flighty and insubstantial, and for not adopting “current” moral judgments! Who’s the fool here?

10-06-08 The sainted Lou Reed does a “jam” sesh for worshippers.

"The REDCAT concert was part of this move away from having to recap "Sweet Jane" for drunken nightclub nostalgics and toward a serious legacy."

- His playing random guitar is ‘serious’? Because you can’t sing along with it? Because it’s boring? In a blindfold test, could she identify it? If only drunks want to hear familiar songs then that’s how she must regard performances by every established artist! Prince, 1999 - TRIPE! Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now - BOO! Beyonce - whatever she sings - CRAP! Kanye West - STOP THE BULLSHIT AND SCAT!

"Reed bent notes up high on his guitar fretboard, while Krieger found some interesting multiphonic tones deep in his saxophone."

- It’s not deja vu, it’s vintage Powers. In a NY Times review ten years ago she described at length how a guy’s left fingers pressed the strings while the others plucked them. Basic, elementary non-information - but it fills space.

"The mood grew grittier after Reed had his roadie fuss with his amp for a while and changed guitars."

- Roadie-fuss is a plus, when it's Lou Reed! Perhaps the shift of mood was due to irritation:

"A few audience members walked out early, either driven to leave by the noise (Calhoun's bowel-shaking keyboards were particularly challenging) or by the realization that they weren't going to be hearing 'Walk on the Wild Side.' "

- Shallow fucking goddam hit-wanting AUDIENCE! Your ears bleeding from overamped doodling? Stay and be challenged! The emperor has more clothes.


Some people expressed their dislike for the Prop 8 vote in California 4 by marching down streets. On tv news, a man got out of his stuck car and punched a demonstrator. What had happened? Did he, a gay-basher, explode when faced with the gay-guys? Or did the punchee bash his car hood because he declined to honk his horn in their favor? Some angry agitators scream at people, how do I know the punchee didn’t spit in his face? Punks cause all the trouble in other protest marches, why should the gay culture not contain troubled, troublemaking assholes?

Prop 8 opponents picketing the Mormon church and other soft-target Prop 8 contributors may have some moxie, but I’ll salute their mettle when they march on Baptist churches in Watts, where the vote went 2-to-1 against them.

4 In hindsight the cleverest thing about the ‘victory’ was the wording of the ballot. It didn’t say “Make gay marriage illegal,” it said, approximately, “Marriage is defined only as the union of a man and a woman.” EVERYONE doesn’t read the papers or keep up. Confronted in the voting booth with such a simple statement some voters thought “Well of course.”


I carped in October that the NYer spelled it ‘dumbfounded.’ Forgive me, I only read old books. My 1961 dictionary cites ‘dumfounded’ as the primary spelling, mentioning the other as an alternate. Now it’s reversed, soon to be followed by discomforted for discomfited and other progress ... Is there such a place as The Orient, with ‘oriental’ so abominal now? Do rugs feel it too? ... I expected more sensitivity from MSNBC’s liberals, but there was a man saying he respected Obama’s process. Bo Diddley’s wasn’t respected in “Say Man” ... My mistake. A fallen tv news reader speaking of his drug problem said “Diction affects us in the media too.” Or so I thought: it was addiction. But them in those seats really think high of themselves, like the gal reporting the So Cal fires saying “Even those of us in the media don’t know which direction the fire will take” ... I’m trying to find a word uglier than ‘upscale,’ but have so far failed...It’s sad to have to report something done right but the Dec 2 L.A. Time hed “Grim Data Crush Rally” treats ‘data’ as a plural, which it is. That bonhomie was then negated by the page 8 Calendar hed regarding a Hitler book “A revealing look at the Fuhrer, without the furor.” Dumkopf! (Dumbkopf?)

blow fly

Poker Party Memories: Phast Phreddie, ‘Blowfly’ Clarence Reid, Neil Harris /Dec 9, 1988

A Modest Proposal

The auto companies, run by men who sat on their asses and grabbed as much money as possible without investing in research are the same, a couple generations later, as the auto industry pigs of 1974 who sat on THEIR asses and watched their companies dive during the gas crisis 5 and then retired to sprawling mansions in Monterey and Hawaii.

We don’t normally take our lead 6 from North Korea , but when businessmen there make missteps that harm the nation’s industrial image they take them out and shoot them. It’s worth considering.

5 To this day, it’s not been proven that there was a gas crisis. It was as artificial as the stock market, and probably a ploy by the fuel industry to get gas prices out of double-digits.

6 Speaking of follow-the-leader, the city of L.A. has raised the fine for running stop signs at photo-intersections frpm $217 to $371. Asked where they got the new figure one said “We’re trying to be more in line with other communities around southern California.” Oh, we take our lead from Hermosa Beach, which routinely picks tourists’ pockets? Why not take the lead from So Cal communities that charge $45 for the same ticket?

No Matter What Shape Your Fig Newton’s In

The L.A. Times recently ran an article about the shrinkage of products as manufacturers seek more profits by supplying less. Toilet paper width is diminished, fewer ounces in Hershey bars, etc.

I love and crave articles like this. They are USEFUL 7, the kind of thing underground/alternate papers provided before they became wholly answerable to advertisers.

I recently I bought a box of Fig Newtons. You may recall they were rectangular in a 2-to1 ratio. Surprise!- now they’re square, and not on the long side. Same price, but shrunk for your convenience.

7 I have to admit that I’ve seen more salutory articles in the L.A. Times since its redesign. A canvas of rightwing nutjobs reporting that the drug-criminal freeman Rush Limbaugh has already coined “the Obama Recession.” An article about the economy hurting prostitutes in Nevada that ran factually without any ranting about their slavery, victimization, etc. Fresh!

terry stafford

Poker Party Memories: Terry Stafford, Billy Swan, James Intveld, Art Fein /Jan 4, 1990

Things I Know

The only look-backs I get are from the 50s or 60s.
But I know a lot of useless stuff from the 70s.

- In 1973, when AT&T was the only telephone company, Capitol Records had two WATS lines for long-distance calls for its executives. You requested one from the operator and she would call you back, usually in a half hour, and you could use it for 15 minutes. Also, you were handed a clicker-key to use the xerox machine; it counted the copies and charged them back to your department.

- In the mid-70s there was a tv ad showing people skiing down “Bandini Mountain,” a hill made up of what Bandini Company sold - natural fertilizer.

- Today you shield your finger-moves when you use an ATM. The last time I went to New York, in 1992, I made a call at the aiport punching in my home-phone charge number with one finger while shielding the movements with the other hand. Standing beside me was a South American finger-punch reader, like a lipreader, who took numbers and phoned them to confederates in Latin boroughs (burros?) where people called Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.

- In the 1970s the monopoly Bell Telephone company charged $4.50 in coins for a 3-minute long-distance call. On the other hand, in Louisiana in 1976 I saw a nickel pay phone. By the time I was buying things, nickel things were gone.

- In the middle 1970s the Ralphs grocery chain, and others, carried hamburger meat cut with soy, not for health reasons but to sell cheaper. That’s why your current soy-based vege-burgers are like, what, a dollar a pound?

Race Relations in L.A.

The L.A. Times declines to include skin tone 8 when describing criminals. Looking only for “a tall man between 25 and 35” really expands the suspect base. On that same note, in an article ran about a venue owner who wouldn’t book a rap show because he didn’t like “the kind of people it attracts” the writer trumpeted accusations of racism against him.

Ya know what? If I had a concert venue in 1956, I wouldn’t book rock & roll shows. I love the music, but such shows drew troublemakers who whacked and wailed and tore things up while their peer-group fled.

What music draws troublemakers today? Indie-rock? Country? It’s hip-hop and rap, enjoyed by people of all hues, sizes, and ages. Everyone’s happy and then a few miscreants cause giant problems. But a recent L.A. Times article about fights and stabbings at House Of Blues shows neglected to mention they were rap shows! This should be noted for the protection of the unknowing.

8 The NY Times does.

My Life As Larry David

I asked for a half-pound of stuff at the deli, and the guy put it on the scale and said “On the nose!” It was 8.3 ounces. “That’s not on the nose” I said and he roared back “It’s close!” as if to say “What is the MATTER with you?”

We’re Proud European, Jim

Is anything not celebratable? For a Doors Tribute show at Barney’s Beanery, the press release notes: “In the late '60s, Morrison and Janis Joplin were regulars at Barney's Beanery, with Jim famously barred from the dining establishment for allegedly urinating on the bar. (The owner) will commemorate the event with a memorial plaque to mark the exact place.”

peter case

Poker Party Memories: Eddie Munoz, Peter Case, Kent Benjamin/ Austin, Texas March 1992

- 57 -

Mark On The Move went fishin’.

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