Below Is the Elvis Bday Bash Lineup.

730 During Paul Marshall's opening song "Good Rockin' Tonight," strange fireballs fell from the ceiling, first once, then like rain. It took host Art Fein ony 40 seconds of watching the flaming intrusions to realize something was wrong, after which he suggested the band stop playing. (They hung in for a long time, firm believers that "the show must go on.") The house fire crew was called in, and the flaming gel removed from the overhead light rig.

745 Harry Orlove (Blue Christmas) See YouTube Video
750 Neil Morrow (One Night) See YouTube Video (Never Been To Spain) See YouTube Video
755 Fleagles (Longlegged Girl, Flaming Star)
805 Truly Lover Trio (My Baby Left Me, Burning Love)
815 Billy Sheets (White Milky Way, Good Rockin’ Tonight?)

825 Dawn Shipley (Paralyzed, Hound Dog)

830 Crash Justice (His Latest Flame)
835 Justin Curtis (That’s Alright, Heartbreak Hotel)
845 Del Casher (Can’t Help Falling In Love, other) See YouTube Video
855 Dusk Devils (Down In The Alley, Little Egypt) See YouTube Video
905 Count Smokula (All Shook Up)
910 Rod & The Tonemasters (Don’t Be Cruel) See YouTube Video
915 Crown City Bombers (Fool Such As I, One-Sided Love Affair)See YouTube Video
930 Fur & Steve (Follow That Dream)

935 Fred Willard - (Faded Love) See YouTube Video

945 Russell Scott (Feel So Bad, You’re A Heartbreaker)
955 Carlos Guitarlos (Don’t Be Cruel, Promised Land)
10 00 Lisa Finnie (Like A Baby)
1005 Patty Booker (In The Ghetto) See YouTube Video

1010 Lori Dewitt (Crying In The Chapel)

1015 Rip Masters (Blue Moon Of Ky, Got A Lotta Livin; To Do)
1025 Sheiks of Shake (Heartbreak Hotel)
1030 Barry Holdship 4 (Girl Happy, One Broken Heart For Sale)

1045 Glen Glenn (Baby Let’s Play House, Mean Woman Blues)

1100 Alan Clark (I Need Your Love Tonight, Rip It Up)
1110 Tommy Sands (That’s Alright, Blue Suede shoes)
1120 Danny Blitz (Suspicious Minds, Jailhouse Rock)

1130 Blasters (Tiger Man, Little Sister) See YouTube Video

Edward Lily

Glen Glenn• Fred Willard • Carlos Guitarlos • Russel Scott

Lindy Hoppers

photos: Elizabeth Blozan

A wonderful time was had by all. Money was made for charity, The L.A. Fireman’s Museum, selected by City Councilman Tom Labonge, who arranged for us to get this place, which rents for $20,000 a night, for free.

Started off with a bang, when fire dripped from the ceiling. Billy Sheets did Roy Brown’s version of Good Rockin’ Tonight, (right after Truly Lover Trio did GRT - I get the song list ALMOST straightened out every year). Fred Willard’s “Faded Love” included a false ending, where he came back after breaking down and sobbing. (Fred is a rock & roll nut, with a penchant for The Coasters.) Phil Alvin disturbed the theme of the night - because he’s a disturbin’ guy - by leading off the Blasters set with “Please Please Please” as a tribute to James Brown. (Hey Phil - James Brown’s Birthday Bash is May 3rd!) It was sensational.

This year’s 21st show - however you count it, James Intveld and Ronnie Mack did the first one Jan 8, 1986 - was marked by the absence of nearly all the Class of ‘86: Ray Campi got sick, Levi got stranded, Candye Kane had a recording session, James Intveld and Rosie Flores were performing at Ted Roddy’s show in Austin (!!!), Dwight Yoakam nowhere to be seen, Ronnie Mack stayed home, The Paladins I don’t know nuthin’ about, what ever happened to the Rockin’ Rebels? Russell Scott was our main mainstay carry-over from Ancient Times, but the show was as great as ever with its mix of old and new faces. Good times! Long Live Elvis!

Also on hand was Elizabeth Blozan, who was selling and signing her comprehensive documentary about rockabilly in L.A. “Rebel Beat,” in the lobby. It’s a terrific overview of our slice of The Good Life in sunny Cal.