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Elvis Show '05 (Show Notes & Photos)

The Elvis show was a blast as always - with real Blasters.

But first the setup. We got the Henry Fonda, nee Pix, Theater in Hollywood, a wonderful, glamourous bldg, thanks to the intercession of L.A. City Councilman Tom Labonge, and his associate Erik Sanjurjo. The city’s implied muscle got (the theater’s) doors to open where I couldn’t have gotten in.

Economics. This year Elvis day falls on a Saturday. The last time it fell on a Saturday our stable home, the House of Blues, kicked us out in favor of the dough they could make automatically on date-night. We were shuttled to the 10th, Monday, and that was our first big loss; the shift of the date disrailed many of the un”hip” people who don’t follow the L.A. club scene, who just came to the Elvis show bec it was Jan 8th and knew it would be at the HOB. Many were thrown off track by the change and never came back. Now with the show floating from site to site, we have to build from the beginning again.

Or so it looks. Rain had been pounding L.A. for two weeks when we held this Elvis show. That night was no exception, and tho we were getting plenty of anticipatory inquiries, the weather kept plenty people away and we came in below last year’s paltry attendance.

The lineup was wonderful and appropriately sparse: rather than the usual 35 - 40 acts we had 28. “Appropriate” because we ran only from 4pm til 8:30 pm. Good for some musicians, who could still do their night gigs. But weird for people who are accustomed to NIGHTclubs. In the end we all had a good time, and that’s why we do it.

Many of the acts were backed up excellently by the Elvis Night Band, which is Marty Rifkin, leader, steel, sax; Harry Orlove, guitar; Skip Edwards, keyboard; Paul Marshall, bass; and Dave Raven, drums. They (except for this night’s new drummer) were assembled by Ronnie Mack for the Elvis show in the late 1980s and have been with it ever since.

Here’s the lineup and times:
4 Russell Scott & The Red Hots (Old Shep, A Little Less Conversation)
4:15 Rip Masters (Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do)
5 Lisa Finnie (Fever/Tweedle Dee)
5:10 Austin Hanks (Stuck On You)
5:15 Count Smokula (Can’t Help Falling In Love W/U)
5:25 Linda Kay (Hardheaded Woman)
5:30 Merle Jagger (Marie’s The Name)
5:35 Travis Howard (Promised Land)
5:40 Fur & Steve (Follow That Dream)
5:45 Justin Curtis (Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Blue Moon of Ky)
5:55 Ian Whitcomb (Fools Fall In Love/That’s When Yr Heartaches Bg)
6:05 Evie Sands (Too Much)
6:15 Kevin Banford (Fool Such As I)
6:20 Rod & The Tonemasters (Teddy Bear)
6:30 Groovy Rednecks (Don’t Talk Bad/Treat Me Nice)
6:40 Keith Joe Dick (Suspicion)
6:45 Dusk Devils (Big Hunk Of Love)
6:55 Ray Campi (I Love You Because/Milkcow Blues)
7:10 Young Jessie (Hot Dog)
7:15 Barry Holdship (Long Lonely Hiway/Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby)
7:25 Doug Fieger (It’s Now Or Never/One Night)
7:35 Carlos Guitarlos (Love Me Tender)
7:40 Marcy Levy (I Need You So)
7:50 Glen Glenn (Mean Woman Blues/Baby Let’s Play House)
8:00 Tommy Sands (That’s Alright Mama/Blue Suede Shoes)
8:15 Levi Dexter (Long Tall Sally/Tryin’ To Get To You)
8:25 Blasters (Little Sister, Tiger Man)
8:35 James Intveld (Bossa Nova Baby/Viva Las Vegas)

Elvis Show Photos by Art Fein (AF) and Robert Leslie Dean (RLD)

Our enemy, rain. (AF)

Tommy Sands, Todd Everett. (Fancy-shmancy effect bec AF used the wrong setting.)

Blasters (AF)

Glen Glenn rocks out with Fur. (RLD)

Glen Glenn, Phil Alvin, Levi Dexter (RLD)

Rip Masters (RLD)

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