Paul Krassner --->

..".. my web site is and it has a Real Audio of Homer Simpson's
suppressed introduction to my album, Irony Lives! "

<--- The Knack

"Visit The Knack Official Web Site for the latest release, tour, merchandise, reviews, Knack news and discography information from The Knack, the band that brought you My Sharona, Get The Knack, Round Trip, Serious Fun, Zoom (Rhino Records) and more...."

Carol Kaye --->

Legendary studio musician, writer, publisher and educator of famous bassists....

Home Site Interview- Fan Site

<--- Skip Heller

Los Angeles based musician, composer,
arranger, producer and journalist.

Ian Whitcomb --->

America's Foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man, Ukulele Virtuoso, and Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist

<--- Barry Goldberg

...has played with such legends as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. After forming the critically acclaimed groups The Barry Goldberg Reunion and The Electric Flag, Barry went on to produce, perform and record with a diversity of musical acts.

Marshall Crenshaw --->

He's a household name in hip households only. His music is a heady mixture of rockabilly and soul, filtered through the prism of The Beatles and Buddy Holly.

<--- Rip Masters

Rip Masters' music is American Roots Music, a blend of Country, Rock and Rockabilly that makes him a legitimate heir to such artists as Merle Haggard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Evie Sands --->

Evie Sands recorded the original version of "Angel of the Morning" and Rolling Stone called her song "Any Way That You Want Me" one of the best singles of 1969. Evie is back with her first album in 20 years and her voice is better than ever.


Sid is currently ring leader of Western Electric and the Coal Porters, solo performer, writer and producer. He is a regular contributor to Mojo, Q and Country Music International and has been published in The Guardian.

Lynne Margulies --->

Lynne Margulies, artist, film editor, and producer. Courtney Love portrayed Lynne as Andy Kaufman's girlfriend in the movie Man On The Moon starring Jim Carrie. This site features art, prints, jewelry, videos and Rock N' Roll Photography by John Bainbridge.

<--- The Cornell Hurd Band

The Cornell Hurd Band:
Country Music's Worst Nightmare

Chris Darrow --->

Chris Darrow is a thirty-year veteran of the music business. His band, the KALEIDOSCOPE, heralded by Jimmy Page, as his "favorite band of all time" was one of the seminal bands of the sixties.

<---Todd Everett

Todd Everett is a free-lance writer specializing in the entertainment industry

People often ask, "How can I get to be as smart as Todd Everett" HERE are some hints

Janet Klein --->

My band Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys are here and I'm Janet! Together we hope to wow you with our tunes of Old Time Jazz, Rag-Time, Blues and Novelty Songs.

<--- Paul & Nancy Body

Paul and Nancy Body are lifelong
Angelenos who are interested in music,
Paris, art, writing, food, and Tejas.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame --->

Rockabilly Hall of Fame is best best #1 website on the net for rockabilly roots rock and roll music with legends and new talent features and news.

<--- P.F. Sloan

P.F. Sloan has been in the music business since he was 12 years old! Sloan has numerous recordings, music compositions, and writings. His songs include "The Eve of Destruction" and Secret Agent Man".
Harvey Sid Fisher --->

Harvey Sid Fisher writes screenplays, is an actor, and is one of L.A.'s top ten million photographic models. Astrology songs, golf songs and jokes, relationship songs.